Development Support

Self-Development support system

This is a system that supports self-learning such as attending training programs and acquiring qualifications in order to improve employees’ problem-solving skills.

Support Details:

a) Training: 90% of the training fee (Up to 150,000 JPY)

b) Certification: If you pass, the exam fees and post-exam expenses (if any) regard to the certification, such as registration fees. (Up to 150,000 JPY)

Chance and challenge

Once every six months, open positions will be disclosed. Until the transfer is decided, an employee’s supervisor will not know that you have applied, so you can apply to the position with a peace of mind.

It is an opportunity to foster awareness and to openly reflect on your career proactively.

By reading the job descriptions (Chance Books) of each division, you can realize that there are many attractive jobs in our company.

Management training

We provide training in the form of cross-organizational discussions for employees in management positions.

The discussions on sharing worries and solving them have many things in common, even if the divisions and occupations are different, and a sense of fellowship to foster together arises.

Employee recognition awards

Employees vote to determine which employee or team embodied the value of WAP the most that year. Speeches from the award-winning employees about the process of reaching the goal and the solutions they used to overcome the difficult situation will give the other employees a lot of learning and excitement.

Years of service awards

An award is given to employees who have been working with WAP for 10 years.


Work From Home Arrangement

As part of our initiative to provide a flexible work environment for our employees, in 2020, we started allowing them to work from home.

Flexible Holiday/Leave

We follow a system that gives “flexible leaves” on national holidays and business holidays.

The holidays can be changed with the Manager’s approval. This solves any schedule adjustment conflicts due to varying holidays in Singapore and overseas.

We have made it easier for our Singapore and overseas offices to work together and at the same time, give our foreign employees a chance to return to their home countries during their holidays easily.

Flexible Working Hours

Our work system allows our employees to change their respective working time according to their schedules. By giving them the liberty to control their own working hours set accordingly with schedules and conditions, we have realized a highly productive work style.

Here at WAP, we emphasize the independence of our employees by not setting overly strict and distinctive rules.

Internal Communication

Works Update and Quick Update

Top management team disseminates important information through various channels, “Works Update”, a company-wide live-streaming meeting and “Quick Update”, a live-streaming video on internal SNS are one of them. Both channels allows Q&A from employees in real-time on SNS. Employees are able to get information promptly from the top management and make swift and appropriate decision by watching those streaming.

Engagement survey

As the management values the employees’ opinions and wants to gain insight into the issues affecting them, all employees in Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai can take the employee engagement survey every month. The management is ready to listen and prepare to commit where applicable.

Internal Social Network

In order to actively communicate with each other and promote communication in the whole division, we have introduced a communication platform using an enterprise social network service. Various groups have been created, from sharing successful experiences of each department to talking about hobbies, and all employees, including overseas offices, are free to join.

The management often comments on employees’ posts, and it is a place where all members can exchange information and communicate without divisions between departments and layers.

Internal Communication Events

We hold various events for communication opportunities throughout the company. They are opportunities for all employees to interact with each other, such as a Kick-Off party, year-end meetings, and seasonal events, regardless of divisions.