Meet Our Colleagues

07 November 2022

Basic profile

Name: Han Ming Show
Joined Year: 2015
Current Role: Software Engineer, Department Manager
Technology that my team uses: Java, javascript, React, AWS, Node.js, Ansible
What I like to do for fun: keeping betta fish, playing badminton, reading manga, watching anime, gathering with friends and family

Please give us a brief introduction of yourself.

Ming Show joined Works Applications 7 years ago and was promoted to the role of Department Manager in 2022.

I joined Works Applications Singapore as a Junior Software Engineer in 2015 right after I graduated from NUS. Having worked with many talented colleagues, I felt that not only did my technical capabilities grow tremendously, but my communication skills have greatly improved as well. This allowed me to perform better in my daily work.

Back in 2017, I was fortunate to have had an opportunity to work in the Tokyo HQ office (despite my lack of Japanese-speaking skills), where I learned more about how the ERP products that we developed have helped our customers to achieve their digital transformation goals smoothly.
I felt very encouraged and more determined to continue contributing my parts in the development of the ERP business in the Japanese market after seeing how our colleagues in Japan have worked tirelessly to provide support to our customers when our products successfully go-live.

What kind of product are you currently working on?

I am currently leading a team of talented engineers to develop Datagate, a centralized data hub which complements our ERP product to allow users to store, manage and generate insights from their business data, all in one place. 

In recent years, data has proved to be a new fuel for strategic decision-making and utilizing data to inform a decision – business intelligence has now become a critical success factor for many businesses. Datagate aims to assist corporates that wish to invest in data-related solutions by providing automation, real-time syncing as well as easy data integration with third-party software in a secure way.

Now that the majority of the employees are working from home, how do you go about managing your team(s)?

Even though we are mainly working from home now, we still follow the daily routine we had when we worked in the office. 

Instead of a daily standup meeting, now we have our scrum meetings online where each member talks about what has been done the day before, what is going to be done today and any problems they have.

Following agile methodology in our software development cycle, I always encourage and emphasize the importance of individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Thankfully, so far, all my team members are comfortable with the current working pace after working from home for almost 2 years and they still show strong commitments as well as enthusiasm towards meeting our customers’ constantly evolving expectations.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in joining Works Applications Singapore?

I would say “be curious and adventurous” to anyone who is interested in joining us. 

Despite being a B2B business, our company maintains a high level of creativity in our innovation to ensure that our clients’ corporate productivity is continuously improved via our products/services.

To be a Works Applications employee, we should always be curious about what is the latest trend in technologies and be adventurous enough to attempt incorporating them into our existing/new products. 

Failures are sometimes inevitable yet we welcome them as these valuable experiences will help us to shape better products in the future. 

This is how we progress as a team together!