20 December 2019

Visit By The Faculty Members Of Peking University

-The 2nd place university on the Asia World University Rankings exchanged opinions on human resource development with Works who has been supporting university graduates in making rapid progress-


In November 2019, the director and faculty members of the School of Foreign Languages of Peking University visited Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Naoki Inoue, henceforth “Works”) and Works Human Intelligence Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yoshiro Ishikawa, henceforth “Works HI”) in order to observe the work and growth of graduates.

Purpose of the Visit

The director of Peking University, Ning Qi, and some faculty members visited Works and Works HI in order to ascertain the working conditions of their graduates, and provide subsequent feedback for human resource development in areas such as curriculum, career guidance, etc..

In addition to introducing our product outlines and achievements, we also introduced our internships which received high evaluations from students, welfare programs such as the in-house award systems, brought them on an office tour, and talked about the future potential of the industry as a whole.

The photo was taken in a meeting room, From the 1st row, 2nd person from the left: President of Beijing University Ning Qi , Works CEO Inoue Naoki , Works Applications China Chairman Tadashi Ikarugi.

“Easy to work at although I am away from my home country”

We asked a foreign employee who did not major in Japanese about working at Works, and he said, “Although the office is located in Japan, we have an environment where we can do work in English so there is no problem.” When we asked employees why they chose to work here when wage levels were rising in China, we received opinions such as “I took salary as well as all the other aspects of work into consideration before making a choice”.

The welfare program has received recognition that it really values employees through welfare benefits such as office facilities and support systems such as the Works Milk Club, which provides generous support for childbirth and childcare for up to 13 years.

“Working here is a great starting point”

It can be seen that AI concerns the future of the industry and business from the fierce competition regrading it around the world. Through this visit, the visitors seem to have gotten a lead on how they could improve their education policies as they learned that many graduates chose Works because we have a proven track record, as well as a stable position in the industry. It was a meaningful and satisfying visit, and both parties expressed their intention to their cooperation with high aspirations.

At Works, human resources with high problem-solving abilities are called “critical workers”. We aim to be a group that gathers human resources with these skills, and create new solutions and values without being bound by common sense. Going forward, we will continue to recruit outstanding human resources with a wide range of skills and values globally, and continue to provide an environment that respects diversity so that all employees can show off their capabilities.

Works Applications Website: https://www.worksap.co.jp/

Works Human Intelligence Website: https://www.works-hi.co.jp/

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